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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Bishop ***Trigger Warning***

Read this post yesterday, but it has stayed with me. No, this is not the norm, of course, but there is a now-ex'd bishop in our stake that is currently in jail for molesting a few of the young women in his ward, and I think this needs to be addressed openly and regularly until the church adopts additional fail-safes.

There are LOTS of things that need to be addressed openly and regularly, of course, but the psychological damage caused by men like these - and like a member of OUR ward who was JUST arrested for molesting his granddaughter - is absolutely chief on my list.

Please note the trigger warning above. For those of you who have experienced anything like this in any way, you may not wish to read about this woman's experience. For those who haven't, I sincerely feel it's important to understand what can and does happen in private interviews.

Best, 'Gina

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  1. i remember being shocked as an LDS grad student in social sciences at BYU in the mid 80s at the existence & the amount of such goings on - i still recall learning that the bishop-types who did this "compartmentalized" in their minds. it was all a shock to me at the time. being young then, i remember thinking "i can see how non-members might do this atrocity - but members?!?" the LDS church is not as special as it thinks!


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