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Perhaps you've read my book by now, or maybe you've only heard of it and were curious about me, or maybe you're even just surfing the web and happened on one of my posts, but please take your time and wander around. I've got enough to say, I'll be posting for some years yet! Lots of resources, personal entries, and discussion to be had; please contribute (respectfully) to it without fear of being lambasted. (Read: all comments will be moderated for relevance and basic appropriateness.) Finally, if you are here because you have heard my story or one like it and are willing to lend your support to us indoctrinated folk entering the real world, Thank You. With love, Regina

For Further Background Information on the Mormon Church...

Yes, you could go to the official church website and read directly from what the Mormon Church itself says about what it believes...but they leave out a lot of things you're probably dying to know. The sort of things I left out of my book, actually...like what the temple ceremonies consist of, what garments look like, and what new names are handed out depending on which day of the month you receive your endowments.If you have better links to suggest or related commentary on your own site, please do suggest them; I'd love to include them as additional links, pro and con!

For a temple ceremony transcript, go here. (Note: this is the 1990 version, which is most current. For an account of one of the earlier versions, specifically the 1931 version, go here.)

If you'd rather watch the temple ceremony (albeit recorded in secret, so it's not the very best quality), go here.

For an overview of the changes that have taken place in the temple ceremony, go here.

For a description of LDS garments, how they are worn, how they have evolved, and even photos, go here.

Interested in LDS temple clothing? Go here. (Note: this site includes photos of the hand signals, true order of prayer, and other rites that take place in the temple.)

Baptisms for the dead (read: why they're aren't necessary) are covered here.

Second anointing? Read a personal account right here.

Looking for a list of the new names given out each day of the month? Go here. (Scroll down a little.)

Interested in Mark Hofmann murders, forgeries scandal, and his eerily effective go at duping the church leadership? Check it out here

Any other information you'd like? Let me know and I'll see if I can hunt it down for you!

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