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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'm (Officially) an Ex-Mormon, by Regina Samuelson...Coming Soon!

Hello, all! I've been away for a while now, primarily because I'm hard at work on a follow-up to I'm (No Longer) a Mormon, tentatively entitled I'm (Officially) a Ex-Mormon! I just finished a section in it last night that references a much-discussed illustration done by my husband, mentioned back in book 1, and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Please keep in mind, this was done during sacrament meeting nearly 3 years ago...when we were BOTH True-Believing Mormons. It's very telling: even then we were thinking. REALLY thinking.

Enjoy, and please be on the lookout for periodic announcements related to book 2!

Much love,

PS: You'll probably have to click on it to see it properly, and you will also likely note the typed text behind the list on the left. This was done on the back of an old lesson handout! :)


  1. Regina,
    I just finished your book I'm No Longer a Mormon and at so many times, I felt like our stories paralleled. I no longer go, but haven't officially removed my name from the church (yet) because of the social familial ramifications you mentioned in your book. I have found a lot of comfort in New Age Philosophies. A lot of the teachings of spirituality go along with what I liked about the mormon church but without the conditions and dogma. May I recommend A Course In Miracles, and most anything written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue. I have come to the resolution that I do have a Creator (more an energetic being than the humanistic being the mormon church teaches about), angels life never ending and reincarnation. It serves me well and I live a much more peaceful life filled and motivated by love as opposed to fear and shame, which is so prevelent in the church.

    I'm not sure you'll ever read this comment, but I wanted to share with you my findings if they may help you find a new relationship with your Creator, as your book has helped me feel validated in so many of my feelings in regards to the church.

    30-something Mom in SL County

  2. Dear 30-something Mom (I feel ya!),

    Thank you. In so many ways. I'm right there with you these days. Difficult to lay out my new belief set on blogger, but if you'd be willing to email me with your name and address at inlamregina@gmail.com, I'd love to send you a copy of book 2 when finally comes out in a few months! (And have a running conversation, too!) :)

    My very best,

  3. Hey,

    I'm a Mormon, wondering why I believed in this silly thing called God. I mostly want to get out so I can spend less time and money on church stuff. I like the social part of it though.

    Anyway, your drawing isn't really the Mormon belief the way I have understood it. Mormons believe that basically everyone is going to accept the truth in sprint prison and end up going to heaven. As far as I know, its the most inclusive of any religion that has a heaven. If you are going to make shit up, you might as well make a nice story and Joseph Smith certainly did it.

    1. Hiya, Anonymous! I FEEL YA. Hub's drawing wasn't meant to be the plan of salvation...more of a "this will be the distribution of people throughout time in the 3 heavens" thing. You're exactly right: except for the handful of "sons of perdition", everyone goes to one of the three heavens. Great story, huh? Be Mormon! You can save your family! But not to worry, if they aren't up for Mormonism (before or after death), they'll still be somewhere so awesome, if they knew how awesome it was, they'd have committed suicide to get there!!! Aaaaaaaah, the stories you tell when you're trying to make a sale........ ;)

  4. way to go! you could tell the algebra didn't add up :)
    welcome to the renaissance.
    science/biology/evolution make me say "whoa - holy s___!" WAY more than religion ever did. especially back when i was LDS. to me, there's more mystery & wonder in REAL science/evolution/biology. may you continue to have a fulfilling human life cycle:)

  5. Read your book. I was 40 years in and now I'm out. Any religion that is legalistic and orthodox is really unhealthy, but Mormonism is off the chart with evil. That being said, I seriously think you could benefit Greatly from some professional counseling. Don't let being an Ex-Mormon define who you are, and believe me it is what is defining you right now.

    1. The counseling is ongoing, and you're right: it's hard to move on. That said, betwixt book 2, the counseling, and the upcoming ex-mo conference this October, I'm on my way to letting go. Congrats on having been out - and having moved on! - for such a chunk of your life!

  6. I used to be Mormon. God tried nudging me out for years. Finally I said enough of this Mormon control crap, walked out, threw away the "G's" and burned everything Mormon. It was one hell of a fire! It took me some time to let go of the guilt, but now I'm flying baby! I found a site that has been very insightful in helping me learn to live in Father's love. It's TheGodJourney.com You have to put the "The" in there to get to the right site. Listen to the archives. It's these two guys chatting about getting free from organized religion. They used to be Pastors. Some are funny, some serious, but they all help you see things a bit freer. I've been out of Mo-mo land for about 10 years now and each year gets better and better. I don't have deep family ties that are Mormon, so it makes it a lot easier. Sad thing is that every single Mormon friend I had now thinks I have married Satan because I know the Mormon faith is a bucket of bovine excrement. Guess they weren't really my friends anyway. Now I am making friends without making any judgments about how holy they are and just enjoying people for who they are.
    I know I am loving living without the constant judgment of my spiritual standing. I am loving life and hope you are too.

    1. Amazing, isn't it, how your life changes once you let go of the guilt and the shame? The Jesus quote about the truth making us free comes to mind! ;) Congrats on living an authentic life and finding joy! I'm well on my way, too! :) Best, 'Gina

  7. i've translated your drawings into the new Book of Abraham! (just kidding:)


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